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Looking for information on the anime neon genesis evangelion find out more with myanimelist the worlds most active online anime and manga community and database in the year 2015 the world stands on the brink of destruction humanitys last hope lies in the hands of nerv a special agency under the united nations and their evangelions giant machines capable of defeating the angels who . Neon genesis evangelion shin seiki evangerion is a japanese media franchise created by hideaki anno and owned by khara most of the franchise features an apocalyptic mecha action story which revolves around the efforts by the paramilitary organization nerv to fight hostile beings called angels using giant humanoids called evangelions that are piloted by . Amazoncom a benchmark series in the history of anime hideaki annos neon genesis evangelion is one of the most widely discussed in anime its not the first series to combine mecha futuristic machines especially robots with theology and a character driven story but it does so exceptionally well. . Some rights reserved myreadingmanga yaoi bara manga and doujinshi online myreadingmanga is completely free paid for by advertisers offers read manga

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