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Im in high school im 17 popura poplar taneshima is a petite 17 year old high school student who works at wagnaria as a waitress she is one of the main female characters in the story working taneshima is a young girl with an innocent appearance that makes people misunderstand her. Demon lord dante japanese hepburn ma dante is a manga series written and illustrated by go nagaithe series tells the story of ryo utsugi a student who finds himself in the body of an ancient demon known as dante and sees himself in the middle of a conflict between god and the devils. Escaflowne is a beautifully animated movie and its soundtrack is no different with the talent of maya sakamoto on vocals and yoko kanno making most of the music and providing vocals this soundtrack is just as epic as its animation. Jun satou is one of the main male characters of working he is a 20 year old college student who works as the head chef of wagnaria restaurant satou is a very tall the tallest out of the group and handsome young man with a slim but firm build he has blonde hair with bangs always covering. Aestethica of a rogue hero hagure ysha no esutetika is a japanese light novel by tetsuto uesuit has been adapted into both an anime television series which originally ran on july 6 2012 and a manga series the anime series is licensed by funimation entertainment

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